Brisbane coffee lovers cast their vote

Brisbane café enthusiasts, it’s your moment! Head to B105’s website and champion your go-to café spot. With no judges in the mix, it’s solely up to you and our vibrant cafe community to help crown Brisbane’s Best Cafe. So, give a nod to your favourite cafe by voting for them today. Let’s discover which venue truly brews the heart of Brisbane.

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Cafes embrace their nomination

To vie for the title and become eligible for victory, cafes must register here, on this site. An added incentive? The first 500 cafes to register will be gifted a specially-curated promotional pack. Upon completion, your café springs to life on our leaderboard, inclusive of all votes accumulated so far.

Not yet registered? Complete the form and we will send you the registration link for your cafe.

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Mobilize support and monitor momentum

Ignite enthusiasm among the cafe’s patrons by encouraging them to cast their votes and spread the word on social media. Employ a blend of in-store and digital strategies: display “Vote for Us” posters, distribute flyers, and make spirited posts on Facebook.

Keep a close watch on every cafes standing via the leaderboard right here on this site.

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Finalists revealed from every corner of Brisbane

Stav, Abby and Matt from B105’s will spotlight the leading cafes from each district—north, south, east, west, and central Brisbane. As we unveil the ‘Best Cafe’ from every postcode, the anticipation heightens. Further fueling the fervour, B105’s Black Thunders will embark on a week-long tour, gracing each finalist cafe with thrilling promotions and visits.

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Victory, Festivities and Prizes

The 5 finalists will join The Coffee Commune, alongside Stav, Abby, and Matt at B105’s spectacular year-end final show on December 1st. With over 3,000 attendees and a stellar performance by Amy Shark last year, this year promises to be equally, if not more, electrifying. It culminates with the much-anticipated live announcement as Brisbane’s Best Cafe is crowned and given a $4,000 prize.

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This competition is to reward and recognise the amazing work done by cafes in our local community.  We have had to limit what is a cafe for the purposes of this competition:

  1. Must be from a fixed physical location, that has been in business in its current form for at least 3 months and is and open to the general public at the time of the nomination and throughout the awards program.  The location must be open at least 4 hours a day for at least 4 days per week
  2. Cafes, as defined for the purpose of the Awards Program, are establishments primarily focused on serving and preparing coffee-based beverages, along with a menu of light refreshments or food items.
  3. Businesses that serve coffee but it is supplementary to their primary business are not eligible – this includes Petrol Stations, Fast Food, Corner stores, Bars, Hairdressers, Hardware stores.  This applies even if the café is a separate part within the main business.
  4. Businesses identified as Restaurants are not eligible for the Awards Program. The overall nature of the business will be considered, factors impacting if a business is a restaurant instead of a café include:  Extent of focus on food vs coffee; preparation and service of full meals; variety of menu options; full table service; formality of dining environment; emphasis on lunch and dinner options; operating hours; table reservations; Price range; Self-identification in google and other websites.The presence of one or more of these elements does not definitively categorize a business as a restaurant.  The Coffee Commune has discretion to determine if a particular business is eligible.
  5. Ownership – the Award Program is targeted to recognise and celebrate independent, locally owned businesses. The following are ineligibile: large chains with more than 60 locations across different businesses; franchises where the franchisor is a public company; businesses where the owner/franchisee/franchisor is international.
  6. Eligibility is completely at the discretion of The Coffee Commune.


  1. Cafes must be based in a predetermined set of postcodes in or around Brisbane.
  2. Districts have been defined by surburb to be in a district North, South, East, West or Central.  The allocation of suburbs into districts is fixed.